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Launches present ‘make or break’ moments.
Seize the moment. Realize the potential.


vSALaunch is our proprietary, phased, modular, and scalable system to launch business-to-business products and services. 

At vSA, we know that in the B2B arena where we exercise most expertise, there is a set of tactics that, when well crafted and intelligently implemented, consistently work well in launching valuable offerings. vSALaunch delivers integrated marketing services to B2B clients that require maximum return on investment for important new products and services, including complex technologies.

Product and service launches are as much science as art. This is why vSALaunch works so well. It combines the science of a set of tactics, timing considerations and targeting with the art of capturing the interest of key buyers and influentials.

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Case Study:

UniTech Services Group

van Schouwen Associates continually publicizes nuclear health physics innovation for UniTech Services Group

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