van Schouwen Associates


Your important business initiatives deserve the best thinking in the industry. For three decades, the senior professionals at van Schouwen Associates (vSA) have advised clients in advance of critical business moves. vSAConsult provides both brief and longer-term engagements for matters including:

Change management: When your company is merging, reorganizing, changing focus, or experiencing other key or rapid change, it is imperative that you manage and communicate effectively about what the future brings for customers, distributors, employees, the community, and/or other stakeholders. vSA provides confidential, high-level support in these endeavors.

Product development and launch: Developing an idea and need to make sure it becomes a product worthy of commercialization? The experts at vSA have helped companies develop and successfully introduce scores of new products – ranging from upgrades to existing products and services to truly disruptive new offerings.

Channel communications improvement: From your external marketing to your distributor performance, market branding to employee loyalty, vSAConsult can put you firmly on the path toward better results.

Internal team-building: vSAConsult helps you increase employee satisfaction and reduce strife, create a better working environment, encourage staff to appreciate differences and diversity, and much more.

Landmark occasions: Use vSAConsult to create the right strategy and tactics to celebrate big milestones, introduce new company processes and technologies, honor a company’s strong history and support of diversity, and much more.

Talk with vSA in confidence about your needs, objectives and concerns. We’re here to help.