van Schouwen Associates

van Schouwen Associates joins the Six-Point Creative team

Posted by Michelle van Schouwen

We’re proud to announce that van Schouwen Associates (vSA) is now officially a part of Six-Point Creative, a respected and highly creative marketing firm in downtown Springfield, MA. On October 2, 2017, our staff joined the Six-Point team, where we have new colleagues and capabilities we look forward to introducing to you over the next few months.

If you’re looking for business-to-business specialists, or are already working with us, the strategic programs you see here are still what we do best. While we have moved our desks to downtown Springfield, it’s otherwise business as usual, so you can count on having the same powerful marketing delivered by the same B2B experts under the Six-Point name. vSA and Six-Point have been friendly colleagues for years, and we share complementary values and capabilities. We’re smart, curious, capable, efficient – and always ready to learn more about your business and to support it.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out, either to Tyler Leahy or Lynne Turner at 413-567-8700, or to Meghan Lynch, CEO of Six-Point Creative, at (I, Michelle, will play an advisory role when that adds value for clients.)

And please stay tuned. Six-Point has an especially valuable next-stage growth program called Solve for Y. If your company’s sales have plateaued, or your elevator speech no longer feels like it fits, you’ll want to hear more about Solve for Y. Watch for details here.