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B2B Social Media: Perfecting the Basics

No matter the intensity of your social media program – whether robust, lacking or somewhere in between – gaining traction as a B2B company has one clear advantage: you know your audience. If your products and services address needs in a niche industry, you actually know your audience quite well, perhaps more so than companies […]

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Five questions customers ask vSA now

2017 is a new adventure in this business of developing, launching, marketing, growing, and sustaining products, services and enterprises. Right now, we’re hearing several of the same key questions from our prospects and customers. Here they are, with brief answers. (If you’d like to know more, just reach out to vSA.) 1-How can we make […]

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B2B MARKETING in 2017: Saving Money, Time and Personnel

Last fall, vSA spotlighted how it serves its most hard-pressed, multitasking clients. Whether heading an engineering department, managing a sales team or even acting as president at a mid-sized company, these exceptionally busy individuals juggle a variety of responsibilities crucial to organizational success.

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Providing best value to the exceptionally busy client

Most days, the typical vSA client does not wake up thinking about marketing. vSA provides business-to-business (B2B) launch marketing, and our client is very often the VP of engineering or sales, a divisional manager, a product development guru, or perhaps the company president or CEO. The marketing role is a “bonus.” And, in virtually every […]

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How many months or minutes has it been since you’ve been outraged by a business practice you’ve seen in the news or experienced in person? If you have recently been alarmed, annoyed or upset by an incidence of price gouging, cheating on regulations, purchase of political favors, or other questionable business practices, you haven’t become […]

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Intrigued by Inbound Marketing?

After all, what could be better? Put the word out about your products, services and expertise, and watch customers come to you, ready to do business. That’s what inbound marketing seeks to do. And that’s why it should be part (major or otherwise) of your mix going forward. Where to start? 1) Consider some of […]

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