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Every industry has critical centers of
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Public Relations

Launching a new product, service, brand, company or technology? Leveraging an offering that deserves more play? vSA B2B public relations will get you where you want to be. vSA builds success with the ultimate blend of media relations; content marketing, social media and other inbound marketing; brilliant digital outreach; SEO enhancement; and more. We integrate white papers, blogs, video content, cause marketing, speaking engagements, and other valuable outreach.

vSA’s B2B public relations services are highlighted by:

  • Comprehensive media relations
  • Content and social media inbound marketing
  • Proven product launch PR programs
  • Sponsorship and cause marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Media training for clients
  • Sales conversion programs

vSA’s approach:

  • Know the client, know the products, know the industry
  • Tailor the message to each market, tactic and venue
  • Build strong relationships
  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • Position clients as experts and information sources
  • Be honest – speak in an authentic voice
  • Provide value both to the media and target audiences
  • Keep clients informed and involved

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Media Relations

Why are your competitors in the press so often? Why is their SEO so strong? They probably have a good media relations program. So should you.

Media relations is the discipline of seeking and securing editorial media coverage. It allows you to reach varied audiences repeatedly, with meaningful, high-impact messaging. It provides credibility that’s hard to build with other forms of marketing alone.

The media coverage you enjoy can be online, employing inbound tactics such as social media and content marketing, and in print, broadcast, and beyond. Many brands need to lead with digital, so vSA media relations leverages video, blogs, social media and content to maximize reach and positive impact.

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vSA media relations programs provide unmatched benefits to clients, including:

  • Launching products, services, messages, and more
  • Building visibility, positive reputation, sales, and market share
  • Communicating the successes your company has generated, including services and products that have solved problems for a customer
  • Informing key audiences about your company’s recent accomplishments
  • Consulting with clients and, as appropriate, reaching out and creating appropriate messages for the public in cases in which there is public misinformation, or in a crisis

van Schouwen Associates develops and executes content marketing programs for clients in Springfield, Boston, Massachusetts and across the United States

Inbound! Social Media and Content Marketing

Lead with digital. Think inbound. vSA leverages social media for B2B. Power your social and content marketing to leverage your brand, build relationships and sales, and share your news and offerings.

Get noticed. Generate leads with powerful inbound marketing. vSA makes it happen. Benefit from smart, targeted outreach in key social media outlets. Develop and publish your own company blog and engage with other highly relevant blogs. Develop and communicate via white papers, video, speaking opportunities, engagement in online discussions, digital e-news, and much more. vSA creates and manages it all… from planning to posting.

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van Schouwen Associates develops and manages brilliant social and content marketing. We’ll:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing inbound marketing efforts. Are you generating the right leads, attracting the right audience?
  • Create a social and content marketing plan that meets your sales objectives and follows company or product-specific style guidelines.
  • Produce engaging, important inbound marketing content and cross-pollinate it through multiple channels, to raise your visibility (and enhance SEO) to build inbound leads and sales.



For its clients, van Schouwen Associates manages two primary forms of sponsorship marketing…with a virtually infinite array of program opportunities for each.

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Corporate sponsorship of an organization, cause, event, or initiative:

vSA helps the client select the sponsorship, determine the value of the program, plan and implement specific program components, and leverage the program as a tool for our client’s brand and reputation enhancement.

Spokesperson/endorsement marketing:

Our client employs a program in which an impressive celebrity/public figure/expert becomes a paid representative for the company. vSA contributes to the spokesperson selection, develops a specific plan of action for the sponsorship program, and leverages all activities to support the client’s business and marketing plans.


Reputation Management

Perception is critical. Customers, shareholders, sales and distribution channels, regulators, and the public form opinions about companies that strongly affect bottom lines. Reputations take a long time to build but only days or hours to damage severely.

As a public relations discipline, reputation management should be both active and, as needed, reactive. At vSA, our approach to corporate reputation management begins with reviewing a client’s mission and policies and the way these are implemented and enforced. It continues with management of day-to-day messaging to key audiences, with a keen focus on what that messaging says about your firm’s standards, products, management, corporate ethic, innovation, stamina, and industry standing. Finally, when needed, reputation management includes proactive and decisive crisis management services.

Contact us for expert services in:

  • Mission and messaging development
  • Internal reputation development and management
  • Community relations planning and programs
  • Crisis pre-planning and situational management
  • Online reputation development, monitoring and management


Media Training

The greater your commitment to public relations, the more important it is that your key people are confident and skilled when interacting with the media.

What’s more, it becomes critical to control the message you deliver, to get optimum results from your interactions with the press.

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Why will your company benefit from media training?

  • Your managers need to become comfortable smoothly delivering the corporate messages to the press on demand
  • Your firm wants key people to be experts who the media call on to discuss specific topics and issues
  • You have a new product or service to announce to the media, and want the press to interview key players at your company
  • You want to be prepared for dealing with the press in the event of any future crisis (foreseen or unforeseen)
  • Your firm wants to influence public opinion on an issue, using the press as a conduit

We provide:

  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Seminars and workshops for small to large groups


Sales Conversion Programs

Do you have key prospects that your company hasn’t turned into customers or clients? We’ll help get their attention, spark their interest, open their doors to your team, and support the development of new business relationships.

Every vSA sales conversion program is unique. At the core, the concept is this: we develop meaningful and repeated communications with a select group of high-value prospects.

Contact us to discuss your business goals and how a vSA sales conversion program can work for you.

Steps often include the following:

  • Familiarizing selected key prospects with your company and its products and services
  • Differentiating your offerings from all others
  • Creating or reinforcing the business need for your products and services
  • Developing prospect interest in a first sales meeting with your team
  • Following up on that meeting with incentives and rationales to close the sale