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Your Foundation is a Cohesive Plan –
Focus, Direction and Momentum
Will Drive You to Your Goals.

Marketing Plans

Don’t leave sales and marketing to chance. van Schouwen Associates marketing consultants will develop a strategic marketing plan to strengthen your company’s foundation and build business success.

  • Create a strong, branded corporate identity
  • Define your ideal target customers
  • Identify effective ways to reach prospects
  • Capitalize on your strengths
  • Exploit your competitors’ weaknesses
  • Meet competitive challenges
  • Communicate with consistency
  • Generate ongoing sales, minimizing peaks and valleys
  • Take advantage of new opportunities

vSA strategic marketing plans can include:

  • Industry analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target market analysis
  • Internal marketing needs analysis
  • Corporate identity and positioning strategy
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing mix analysis
  • Marketing communication strategy
  • Marketing calendar

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Case Study:


van Schouwen Associates supports Simonds in moving past price wars to become a resource for increased productivity and reduced costs for its customers

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