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B2B Social Media: Perfecting the Basics

Posted by Tyler Leahy

No matter the intensity of your social media program – whether robust, lacking or somewhere in between – gaining traction as a B2B company has one clear advantage: you know your audience.

If your products and services address needs in a niche industry, you actually know your audience quite well, perhaps more so than companies appealing strictly to consumers. You know your industry, and you know who in your industry cares about your products and services. Use this to your benefit!

Establish industry authority

Building a B2B social media presence is a lot like attending a cocktail party. To keep others around you interested, you need to refrain from talking exclusively about yourself. Sure, you want to promote your products and/or services – but you also need to be perspicacious in your approach to creating a dialogue on industry hot topics.

Demonstrate that you have a finger on your industry’s pulse, identifying trends, challenges and topics of debate. Without overbearing self-promotion, highlight what your company is doing to meet your audience’s greatest workplace challenges.

B2B social media isn’t a subordinate form of marketing communication. Via your social media presence, establish your company as an expert in your field and create discussion.

March to the beat of your own (consistent) drum

B2B social media doesn’t lean on hip trends and viral content the same way appealing to consumers sometimes can. It’s a tried and true cliché, but more than anything, consistency is a key to success. Create a consistent drumbeat. Over time, your audience will grow.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! Consistent social media posting isn’t a 24/7 endeavor. Plan ahead and schedule posts, if you would like. Regardless, vSA makes the following platform recommendations to B2B companies in most cases:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+: 5 new posts per week

Instagram, Pinterest: 3 new posts per week

LinkedIn: 2 new posts per week

Commit to interesting content

In all social media, interesting content reigns supreme. What’s most interesting to your B2B audience? It may be simpler than expected to post a diverse range of content.

Every one to two weeks, ask the right questions. What industry trends should we touch on? Have our employees, partners, or loyal customers achieved anything we should highlight? Which of our products and/or services seem to be hot right now? What trade shows, conferences and events do we have coming up? What other marketing materials should we be integrating into our social media use? What is time sensitive, and what isn’t?

Regardless of your industry or audience, photos and videos always fare well. Try to gather as many useful photos and videos as you can throughout the year. Couple your photos and videos with useful facts and calls to action. Be creative and enjoy the drumbeat process.

If well executed, your crafty social media presence will engage your existing customer base as well as generate new sales leads.