van Schouwen Associates

The Rules Have Not Changed. Success Comes From
Knowing Your Product, Who You Want to Sell it to,
Why They Would Want to Buy it… And How.


Once the staple of most corporate marketing programs, traditional advertising now competes vigorously with Web sites and other interactive outreach, all types of public relations, multi-faceted customer loyalty programs, grassroots and guerilla marketing, social media, and other outreach for both corporate marketing budgets and audience attention.

At vSA, we believe that advertising must be done extraordinarily well to earn a major position in a client’s marketing mix – and that’s what we do. We know that strong strategy must marry powerful creative. We know that placement decisions are key – too much advertising, especially in the business-to-business arena, is haphazardly directed – that won’t happen with vSA. Plus, advertising messages must be credible and must resonate deeply. vSA’s clients speak in an authentic voice, with high-impact information backed by real action, strong products and innovative services.

vSA’s commitment to advertising that works is backed by our well-integrated process.

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