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van Schouwen Associates provides smart strategic marketing for business-to-business companies.

B2B companies trust vSA for expert marketing consultation, product and service launch marketing, public relations including media relations, responsive Web development and digital marketing including Web applications for PCs and mobiles, advertising development, media placement and program management, branding and graphic design services, and more. Our firm is based in Longmeadow, MA (metro Springfield MA/Hartford CT area in Western MA). Our clients are everywhere.

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Strategies and tactics to launch new B2B products and services: Our proprietary vSALaunch process provides the proven, phased, modular, scalable marketing launch you need to realize maximum return on investment for important new offerings, including complex technologies.

New ways to build success: vSA develops B2B Web and mobile applications, leverages social media and content marketing, and develops destination microsites, blogs, and YouTube videos. Tell your story, lead with digital.

Demand for a greener planet: We connect eager buyers with energy-efficient, innovative products and systems that promote a sustainable world.

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Reaching unreachable people

I don’t answer my phone at the office anymore unless I know the caller. A lot of my email goes in the trash unread. I don’t even listen to my voicemails. I can’t possibly read everything I need to read. Does this sound like your customers and prospects? Let’s face it, many decision-makers are overwhelmed […]

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PR Blunders and Bluster

Public relations mistakes are unavoidable, but some mistakes haunt the dreams of marketing and public relations professionals. I’ve seen several missteps lately that fall into this “nightmare” category. The industry periodically reaches a critical mass of crises. With the NFL and other organizations struggling to tell and limit storytelling about their brands, it seems we’ve reached […]

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van Schouwen Associates (vSA) is a full-service integrated marketing ad agency serving Springfield, Boston, Massachusetts and beyond. We offer marketing consultant services and web marketing programs for companies and organizations of all sizes.